How to Get a Free Share of Stock from Robinhood App – Up to $500!

Robinhood, a pioneer of commission-free investing, gives you more ways to make your money work harder..

It’s an app-only brokerage that offers $0 commission trades on stocks – no minimums, no maintenance fees, and a streamlined interface that is intuitive to use.

Break Free from Commission Fees

Make unlimited commission-free trades in stocks, funds, and options with Robinhood Financial. The same goes for buying and selling cryptocurrencies with Robinhood Crypto. Zero commission fees.

Getting your free share of stock from Robinhood is easy.

1.  You must be new to Robinhood to be eligible for a free share. (If you already have an account, you aren’t eligible. And no, you can’t open a second account. Sorry ).

2.  You have to sign up using a referral link (like the one below).

Claim Your Free Robinhood Stock

After you click the referral link, you’ll be asked to provide some basic information (e.g., name, address, Social Security, date of birth, etc.). This is standard information that is required any time you open a brokerage account.

You will also be prompted to link a bank account to your new Robinhood account. Linking a bank account is not required to qualify for an account, but it does come in handy if you want to transfer funds quickly and easily.

Lastly, don’t forget that this is an app-only platform, so you’ll probably want to download the app.

Refer a Friend, Get More Free Shares

Like I mentioned earlier, you can receive up to $500 in free shares of stock, so why stop after you get your first share?

The process I described above also applies to anyone else who uses your referral link to sign up. Start by sharing your referral link. Robinhood provides a variety of methods to make it easy to send your referral link, such as text, email, Facebook, Twitter and more.

Claim Your Free Robinhood Stock